Easy lifting solutions



Our society Raising Group, has in his core business the engineering and construction of equipment designed to grip, handling and transport of steel products of any weight and size. Our equipment, referred to in slang “hook”, are interposed in the majority of the production between the hook of the crane and the product to be handled. They replace perfectly chains, ropes or any other means that involves an intervention of the operator on the product to be lifted, leading him to a undeniable and better condition of safety in his everyday life of work. Our ability to suggest targeted and functional equipment, comes from the great experience in the field of industrial lift. Raising Group & Valtorta can offer a 360° cooperation in the handling market both as regards crane than of hook equipment. Our design team allow us to fearlessly face any challenge, to summarize we can guarantee an excellent compromise between quality design/ build and price. Great flexibility to the customer is what sets us apart and allows us to be competitive on the market. Our equipment are of excellent quality of building and they are very simply in the conception; we use, where possible, quality components and easily available on the market. The supply of spare parts (also for the customer) is easy and it reduce the maintenance times. Besides our equipment, our workshop perform service and certified checks for lifting equipment produced by other company (our customer often commit us the service -maintenance or upgrading- of machines made by our competitors both for the quality of our service which for the transparency of our costs).

The geometric characteristics of the products to be lifted can be various and fully managed by our equipment, as every machine is tailor-made. ( Prototyping is our standard ) All equipment has quality components that can be purchased as spare parts in a easy way and common availability. All equipment are CE marked, fully made in Italy, and they are designed as per F.E.M class, more appropriate to the work cycle in which is subject. Certificates of the material used, thorough checks (magnaflux, ultrasoundns, dye penetrant) on the junctions and welding, are in every instruction manual supplied with the machine.

We can also agree with the customer, service review cycles/ assisted maintenance, to allow to our equipment a long operating life.